Giving back while on safari

Yes… getaways are for making wonderful memories and experiences, BUT there is also a great opportunity to make a meaningful impact, so why not do both! On our travels around Africa we continue to be blown away by some of the initiatives and foundations making a difference in conservation and community support. If you’re thinking of ways to give back to the community on your trip to Africa, we’ve got some ideas for you based on what YPA clients have done so far. Whether you’re a potential client wanting to plan ahead or even a previous client wanting to give back to an initiative you came across on your trip, we encourage it with open arms.

Here are 5 ways our clients have made a REAL difference…

Upgrading the ChalkBoards

The Simoonga Thandizani Trust School is a non-profit charity school in Zambia providing free basic quality education to about 450 rural children. Although a public school, they don’t receive any financial support from the government, so it is solely funded by donations. Which is why they were so thrilled to hear when some of our YPA clients were interested in helping out. In 2023, on their trip to Africa, our clients went to see the school and while there, the headmaster mentioned a need for a projector in the classrooms, a huge upgrade from the chalkboards they were still using. YPA helped to source the projector and the couple provided the donation which made an impact on the entire education system at Simoonga.

Helping Elephants get along with Humans

While we love to see elephants roam freely in the wild, there is the risk of them wandering off onto the land of local villages and communities, possibly destroying much needed crops. To counteract this risk, the Grumeti Fund in Tanzania introduced an Elephant Collaring Project to monitor and research the movement of these elephants through GPS tracking. We have clients who expressed an interest in planning some social outreach work prior to their trip, so we arranged for the multi-generational family to get involved in the collaring process while providing a donation. They were able to participate and help with the initiative, in a fun and educational way. 

Comfort in the Golden Years

Another group of YPA clients went out to the Dulini Nursing Home during a community visit while staying in the Sabi Sands Reserve, South Africa. They engaged with members at the home and learned more about their mission to provide care and support to its elderly residents, to ensure their dignity, comfort and security in their golden years. This moving experience made an impression on our clients, so much so that when they returned home from the trip, they sent a meaningful donation to go towards sustaining and growing the initiative.

Shining a Bright Light on Clean Energy

Think about how quintessential electricity is in your typical day-to-day life and how much less efficient you’d be without it. The Great Plains Foundation has created an initiative called the Solar Mamas, who are a group of women from Botswana that have been trained and educated about the use of solar electricity. While on safari, our YPA clients stumbled across this project in a brochure and were interested enough to begin a fundraiser amongst colleagues and make a generous donation. It is amazing to witness the ripple effect of what a power source can do for an entire community.

The Building Blocks of Education

The Royal Chundu Foundation in Zambia has built a school by appealing to guests, suppliers, partners, travelers, companies and individuals from around the globe to raise funds to educate around 500 kids a year. Our YPA clients expressed an interest in getting involved in this project, and actively planned ahead so that they could participate in building a school. Education facilities in these rural areas are scarce, which is why every donation goes a long way. 

If this is something you’re interested in, let’s chat. We can grow this list together.

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