Why you should plan now versus later 

There’s nothing more thrilling than a spontaneous travel trip booked and enjoyed on the fly, but if a safari is on your bucket list, here are our top 4 reasons why early bird travelers win…

  •   Price points: Flights open 330 days in advance. At this time flights are often more reasonably priced. Travelers also have more seating options with various fare categories available. 


  •   Space constraints: If you’re a big group of friends or you have an extended family, you might need 5 or 6 rooms. That could be half the camp at some of our favorite exclusive destinations, so you’ll have more options for lodges, room types and guides if you plan ahead.


  •   Preferred dates: The further in advance we plan, the more we can play with creating your ideal, unique and personalized itinerary over your desired dates.  


  •   Anticipation is part of the fun: According to mental health experts, looking forward to something can be almost as good as experiencing it. The further ahead you plan, the more time you have to read about your destination and daydream about your vacation. Trust us, the armchair traveling you do before you arrive will make the trip even more special when you finally enjoy it.

Time to start dreaming – where do you want to go and what do you want to see? Check out our new Destination pages, and our well-loved Yes Lists for inspiration and let us do the rest.

Not an early bird? Never fear!

We’re experts at all kinds of travel itineraries, even the last-minute ones. If you’re flexible, we’re committed to creating a dream trip for you. Because our founders, Nick and Ashley, make it their promise to only ever recommend trips they would take themselves, our YPA trip scrutiny will always serve you well. Let’s chat!

Be inspired!

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