Ancient tombs, long-forgotten cities and active dig sites await!

We know that an African safari is all about the Big Five, but if you’ve got a few days left at the end of your trip, we highly recommend that you stop off to see the most majestic lion of them all – the Sphinx.

It’s easy to connect to Egypt from Kenya, and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to marvel at the Great Pyramids of Giza, one of the oldest seven wonders of the world. Because we can put together an entirely exclusive itinerary, you can escape the crowds completely and enjoy private tours, walking expeditions (which often prove to be very welcome after spending many consecutive days on the back of a game vehicle), and exclusive expert experiences with top Egyptologists and archaeologists, all on your own schedule. 

Here are our top three recommended experiences:

  1. Admire the Great Pyramid of Giza and marvel at the Sphinx’s sculptural scale and beauty. All too often visits to these spectacular sights are ruined by large crowds and endless queues, but with YPA, you’ll enjoy a private tour by a renowned local Egyptologist who will provide color and cultural insight, and speak to any specific areas of interest you may have. 
  1. Walk in the Valley of the Kings and Queens. The modern-day city of Luxor, lying on the picturesque Nile River, is one for your bucket list. The famous royal tombs of the Valley of the Kings and Queens are situated on the river’s west bank. Not only will you experience these sights on an exclusive, private tour, but we can also arrange for you to have special access to King Tut, Seti I, and Nefertari’s tombs. 

Additionally, after decades of excavation efforts, Egypt has opened the Avenue of Sphinxes, a 3 400-year-old walkway that connects Luxor’s main ancient temples. It boasts an astounding 1 360 Sphinxes, spanning a distance almost 2 miles long.

  1. Get your hands dirty and become an unofficial archaeologist for the day. We’re incredibly excited to be able to offer our YPA travelers an Egyptian experience like no other – the chance to join world renowned Egyptologist Dr Mark Lehner at an active dig site. Dr Lehner and his team (from the Ancient Egypt Research Associates) are uncovering the Lost City of the Pyramids and if you join them for the day, you’ll be actively donating to the project and witnessing the discovery of an ancient 4,500-year-old settlement.

Of course, all of these experiences require adequate sustenance, and Egypt’s cuisine offers a delicious variety of foods from different regions. Shopping, exploring, and sampling spicy and sweet culinary delights are the rewards for those who are adventurous enough to submerge themselves headfirst in Egypt’s old and new traditions.

In short? Egypt is an unforgettable destination that will not disappoint. Chat to us about adding a few extra nights to your safari itinerary for a truly unique trip.

Tanveer Badal Photography


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