Top destinations for elephant lovers

Botswana, Kenya and Namibia

Botswana – quantity and proximity.  With several large, well-protected areas in the country, elephants are thriving in Botswana.  In some areas it’s common to see hundreds of elephants in one day.  A couple of camps are home to some re-wilded elephants and guests are offered the experience to take a walk through the wilderness with them, side by side.

Kenya Elephant Sanctuaries – get up close and personal. If you want to learn more about elephant conservation while spending time up close to young, orphaned elephants, we highly recommend a visit to the Reteti and Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Namibia – experience the desert-adapted elephants.  Imagine yourself in the middle of the desert, in a Star Wars-like landscape. There’s a dry riverbed, lined with green trees nearby.  You go to explore it and turn a corner, only to find a large bull elephant drinking out of a small puddle of water. These fascinating desert elephants are gracious, majestic survivors who have mastered the art of adapt to their environment.

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