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Zimbabwe is at the heart of Southern Africa’s most sought-after safari destinations. With five entry points to four top safari countries in Southern Africa (namely South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, and Botswana), it is quite literally the gateway to pristine wildlife conservation areas.

The lowveld boasts major reserves such as Gonarezhou National Park, Bubi Valley, Save Conservancy and the Malilangwe Reserve, which is home to the beautiful Singita Pamushana Lodge and over 80 rock art sites dating back 2000 years.

Elephant, rhino, lion, antelope, endangered wild dogs, cheetah and buffalo roam wild amongst the reserve’s majestic Baobab trees and old mopane forests. It’s an area steeped in history, boasting such spectacular diversity and beauty that Singita Pamushana Lodge’s General Manager, Valerie Makunungunu, assures us visitors never run out of unforgettable experiences.

“I highly recommend that guests stay for at least four nights, or even a week if possible,” she says. “Singita Pamushana is not a checklist safari, but rather a sensory journey of awakening. Every touchpoint leaves you wanting more, and all of our experiences are different and exciting.”

“From overland adventures to serene water activities, coupled with exceptional food, beautiful luxury suites, relaxing wellness treatments, and thrilling game drives, one must work on African time to truly enjoy what the lodge has to offer,” she concedes with a laugh. “Take it one day at a time and just be in the moment!”

Here are five of Valerie’s favorite Pamushana Lodge experiences:

1. Watch the sunrise at our Jackalberry Bar while you enjoy your morning tea. On a beautifully sunny day, which is very often, you just cannot beat the picture-perfect cliff and cloud reflections coloring the water below the deck.

2. Go on a guided nature walk with one of our professional guides to track animals and marvel at the area’s famous Bushman rock paintings.

3. Hang out at Hwata Hide and enjoy amazing animal sightings at the watering hole from a very close distance. It’s not uncommon to watch elephants splashing about and taking mud baths – you might even feel a little of the spray yourself, that’s how close they are!

4. Gain rare insights into the reserve’s sustainability efforts. The Malilangwe Reserve is one of the leading conservancies in Zimbabwe and the lodge’s partnership with The Malilangwe Trust (a conservation NGO) allows guests to witness behind-the-scenes efforts to protect the diverse wildlife in this region. “Projects like rhino notching are rare and humbling experiences that many of our guests love taking part in,” she explains. “We offer the rare opportunity to meet the Malilangwe anti-poaching scouts and watch the intense training they undergo on a daily basis so they’re ready for patrol on the reserve.”

5. Learn about Shaangaan culture and heritage. “I always recommend that guests visit Kambako Village. Not only can they experience an authentic Zimbabwean culture, but they also learn ancient survival lessons which have been passed on from generation to generation.”

Listing only five favorite Singita Pamushana experiences is a tough task indeed, especially when we haven’t even touched on the warm hospitality that Zimbabweans are so well-known for. 

“Zimbabweans are peaceful and warm people,” Valerie says with a big grin. “You’re greeted with a smile and open arms wherever you go. A trip to Zimbabwe is guaranteed to be unforgettable once you’ve experienced our warm Zimbabwean hospitality.”

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