Rainforests of the Congo

The rainforests of the Congo Basin are one of the most enchanting places on earth. Inside the forest and open spaces of the Dzanga Baï, flocks of Congo African Grey Parrots fly overhead, bongos and forest buffalo wade out into the middle of the forest clearing (called baïs) and for those lucky and patient enough to wait, elusive lowland gorillas and forest elephants come in search of vital minerals. 

Being in the rainforest is an opportunity to completely immerse all of your five senses into nature. You’ll discover rare species like the forest mangabeys, small treasures like orchids and hidden mushrooms, and also huge, towering centuries-old trees that make up this fascinating environment.

The magical Sangha Lodge nestled in the heart of the forest must be one of the hardest to reach yet truly authentic and quirky lodges that is unlike any other in Africa. The lodge is owner-run, conservation-driven and fully invested in supporting the local community. One could argue that it is fulfilling its eco-tourism role better than most other safari lodges.

It is also home to an ongoing black-bellied tree pangolin project that generates important research learning about these highly rare and endangered species. Choosing a longer 11 night Congo Basin Discovery trip over shorter tours of a week or less allows you to extend your safari further upriver closer to the geographical heart of Africa and to experience this special lodge for yourself.

What especially interests me is that Sangha Lodge is operated by the larger than life, yet quiet and demure Rod Cassidy, a conservationist first introduced to me in 2011. At first glance Rod looks like he could be in the band ZZ Top with long hair and beard yet smiling and approachable. He’s passionate about birds, the local Ba’Aka community that lives near the lodge where his small staff come from, and of course protecting the forests and biodiversity for everyone who doesn’t even know such a place exists in the world. It’s a place far off and tucked away from time.

Explore the magnitude and sheer beauty of the Congo Basin in safety with 3 exceptional camps plus Sangha Lodge in 4 distinct forest locations. This itinerary is the ultimate immersion into the immense landscape of rivers, baïs, forests, and savannas of the Congo Basin and the most in-depth discovery of Odzala and Sangha.

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