Sipps Maswanganyi

We know that a guide can make all the difference for a safari experience and Sipps Maswanganyi, Head Field Guide at Cheetah Plains, is one of those super-star guides.  He’s worked for Cheetah Plains for two years already, and previously worked at Singita Lebombo, Thornybush and Dulini.  He’s boasts a wealth of experience (having been a guide for over 20 years now), not to mention excellent photographic skills, and truly loves what he does.

“Other than being a conservationist,” he says, “I love guiding because it gives me a chance to share my knowledge with our guests. I love watching the animals, to interpret the wildlife and see how they live.” We love visiting Cheetah Plains and listening to Sipps’ latest impressive viewings. If you happen to visit Cheetah Plains yourself, be sure to ask him to tell you the story about one of his most remarkable sightings ever. It starts with a leopard hunting a buffalo before the cat suddenly decides to leave the buffalo for a venomous puff adder instead. The snake retaliates and bites the leopard, but our furry friend isn’t that easily dissuaded. Who do you think wins this battle – the leopard or the snake? Well, we’re afraid to say that if you want to know how the story ends, you’ll have to ask Sipps yourself.


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