The Urquhart Family

“Nick planned a truly magical and life changing trip for our family!  He listened to all the things we wanted to do, our expectations and then designed our trip, making modifications as needed during the process. We were met at each location with a guide and driver making the trip go so smoothly.   In Kenya we stayed in three different camps, all very unique, beautiful settings with fabulous food and service.  We had our own private jeep and very knowledgeable guides making each day special and memorable.  Our days were spent in the beauty of the bush with the animals all around us.  We saw lions playing with their cubs, a cheetah hunt a gazelle to feed her 6 cubs and we tracked rhinos.  Even lounging by the pool we had monkeys and baboons around us and elephants in a watering hole nearby!  Our trip ended in Uganda, staying in the jungle and going on a gorilla trek.  After a breathtaking hike through the jungle we found ourselves surrounded by a family of gorillas.  The baby gorillas were swinging from the trees while the adults walked around us and lounged in the bushes.  An experience that will never be forgotten!  Our family has traveled a lot but this was our most amazing and well organized trip ever that exceeded all our expectations!”

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