Top picks for a safari with a wild side

If you’re looking for something wild and close to nature, to really disconnect from your normal routines but still recharge your body and soul (but still enjoy the soft sheets, hot showers, and delicious food that accompanies this), we’ve got a great selection of destinations for you. These would be our top picks, not only because of their beautiful locations, and incredible wildlife experiences, but also for the fact that each one is making a significant impact on pristine wilderness areas within Africa that are in desperate need of protection:

For avid hikers that love an adrenalin rush to boot, it doesn’t get better than tracking the critically endangered Western Lowland Gorilla in the Republic of the Congo. You asked for wild, so you’ll be delighted to learn that the Congo basin is the second largest rainforest on earth, spanning over 500 million acres. We know! Wow!

Alternatively, you might choose to explore the secluded southern part of Luangwa National Park, in Zambia, the place where the African walking safari was pioneered.  We recommend you stay at one of The Bushcamp Company’s six exclusive, secluded bush camps in the remote south, or at one of the five renowned Time + Tide luxury South Luangwa camps.

Lastly, we land in Malawi where we recommend you visit the memorable Liwonde National Park, a reserve that’s been entirely revived by historic wildlife translocations and reintroductions.  In just five years, Liwonde has built one of the best ranger forces and training grounds in southern Africa. It has also seen predators restored to the park for the first time in two decades, as well as black rhinos from South Africa, attracting more and more visitors each year. This is one for the books before it gains too much popularity amongst travelers.

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