What to wear on safari

Going on safari doesn’t mean that you cannot pack a wardrobe that’s stylish and on trend. Sustainable, laid-back fashion is where it’s at right now, so use these ground rules as inspiration for what to wear:

  • Keep your fabric choices light, breathable, and natural. Not only does this help with a hot bushveld climate, but linens and cottons are perfect for that laid-back, layered look.
  • Utility trousers are not only a trendy choice at the moment, but they’re also a great idea on safari to keep your sunscreen, sunglasses and water bottle on hand. You can never have too many pockets on a game drive!
  • Athleisure is still with us in a big way. The leggings, layered hoodies, and tees are all great additions to your safari bag. 
  • And lastly, don’t be afraid of adding a pop of color here and there to a base wardrobe of neutral and natural tones. Just try to stay away from white and black; white stands out in the African bush and gets grubby quickly, and black/dark navy can attract tsetse flies in certain destinations. Tip – our team is here to let you know if this is something you need to keep in mind while packing. 

Here are 3 looks we’re loving at the moment…


Embrace tech-savvy safari gear, effortlessly blending durability, practicality, and trendy designs. With anti-tear, quick-dry materials, and SPF-treated fabrics, you’re all set for the bush without compromising style.

  •   Hiking pants that are lightweight and comfortable, but sturdy enough to withstand hiking through the bush.

We love Vuori’s five-pocket ripstop pants… Vuori Clothing

  •   A good windbreaker, because our clients always underestimate how cold the early morning and late afternoon game drives can be.

REI has a great selection … Or pack a puffer jacket. A light jacket layered with a fleece is also a versatile combo.

  •   A hat is a must, both to protect yourself from the sun and to keep your hair under control while you’re on a game drive.

Make your hat a feature piece with a statement broad rim or a fun bucket hat. A foldable style is best advised for easy packing and carrying. As a YPA client, we will send you a baseball hat in your departure package. 


Let’s face it, the classic linen look never goes out of style. Plus it’s effortlessly stylish, protects you from the sun, and is oh so comfortable for a safari adventure. Think Banana Republic for what to shop.

  • Keep your cool in a loose linen shirt that can be worn as is, or over a fitted vest or tank top for a more layered look. A collared shirt can also help protect your neck from the sun.
  • A vibrant kikoy or scarf. A versatile fabric wrap can be used in so many ways – from a makeshift pillow to a stylish beach mat, skirt, or sunshade.


For the active at heart who feel most comfortable in luxe leisurewear, rest assured that your favorite items are perfect for a safari, as long as you prioritize a neutral palette with pops of color, and opt for natural, breathable fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo.

  • Tank tops and vests in basic neutral colors are a wardrobe staple with so many uses on a safari, from over a bathing suit to underneath an overshirt when the temperatures start to dip on your evening game drive.
  • Cropped joggers, leggings, and basketball shorts are all a good choice for bush walks and bumpy game drives. We love Lulu Lemon and Athleta for all things athleisure.
  • A durable but comfortable pair of hiking boots or trainers. This is non-negotiable, especially if your safari is going to involve a fair amount of trekking.

Nick wears his trusted Blundstones  and Ashley opts for a lightweight but stylish Teva boot (right now the Ellery has her vote). 

It’s also a good idea to tuck a hiking sandal into your duffle and make sure it has a thicker sole (Tevas and Birkenstocks work well). 

As your safari countdown begins, think of this as your stress-free prep guide. Equipped with these valuable tips, you’re ready to pack efficiently. Don’t forget to leave some space in your suitcase for the unexpected treasures you might find along the way – and who knows, the local boutiques and markets might just have a few style surprises in store for you.

Be inspired!

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