Family safaris – Top 5 factors to consider

If you’re planning a family safari, you’re in luck. Not only are we experienced in planning trips for families of all ages, but our YPA founders, Nick and Ashley, are seasoned travelers and parents too.

If you have a question or concern that we don’t cover below, give us a call – the chances are very good that we’ve either experienced it ourselves or helped figure it out for a YPA client.

Here are the top five factors to consider – because these are things we would think about:

  1. How big is your group? 

This will make a difference for what kinds of lodges and camps we look for, as well as how many rooms you need to be comfortable. Planning ahead to secure the perfect spot for your group will be worth it.

Also, advantageously, something worth considering is that when you’re traveling as a family or group of at least six people, you’re sometimes guaranteed a private vehicle, making your safari that much more exclusive and customized.

  1. How old are your kids? 

Not only can we advise you on the best age brackets for kids to benefit most from a safari experience, but the age of your kids will also help us advise you on where to go and where to stay.

Family-friendly accommodation

Lodges and camps often advertise that they accept families, but whether or not they’re truly family friendly can be an entirely different ballgame.

Here are some of the questions we investigate (and personally experience) on your behalf:

  • Do they have playrooms or a space for children?
  • Do the guides know how to interact with kids?
  • Is the menu and pace of meals child-friendly?
  • Does the child minder greet you on arrival and scoop up your child with joy?
  • Is the lodge fenced or not fenced?

Family-friendly locations

We’ve also learned that certain locations work better for specific age groups. If you’re a family with teens or adults, logistics are much less of a factor. If you have young kids, on the other hand, then we’ll advise you accordingly and keep the number of countries you visit to a minimum to avoid immigration queues and delays.

  • South Africa, Kenya: Best choice if you have young kids, because they offer a diversity of experiences and smooth, easy traveling.
  • Tanzania, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia: Good for middle-aged kids and offer a good mix of experiences.
  • Madagascar, Uganda, Rwanda, Mozambique: Great for adventurous teenagers and adults looking for something different.
  1. Have you ever considered a private charter?

You might not think you’re a private charter kind of person, but when you’re navigating long layovers and multiple stops with unhappy kids, you might reconsider. Luckily for you, charters are one of our specialties. Let us figure out the best aircraft options for your family’s individual needs so that you can enjoy seamless connections and a generally smooth and efficient traveling experience. Best of all, private charters can sometimes be similar in price to scheduled airlines for big families, depending on where you’re going and what kind of plane you opt for.

  1. Are you worried about malaria?

If you’re worried about malaria risks and/or any health complications arising from that, let us help you navigate the best seasons and point out some top malaria-free zones.

  1. What season works best for your safari?

If your kids are in school, we understand that you often need to travel in peak seasons. If you’re aiming for July/August and/or the festive season, we’d love to start planning your dream safari at least 14 – 18 months in advance to get your top choice of lodges and locations.

If you’re not constrained by dates, however, then we have much more flexibility around availability and possibly a well-priced last-minute booking. We’ll also walk you through which regions have rainy and/or dry seasons in your desired month of travel and give you the best options that achieve your goals.

The secret to a successful family safari lies in planning, planning, and more planning. And that just happens to be our passion and expertise. Let’s chat about your dream family safari and have our team iron out all the details for you.

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